This page documents an artwork I did early summer of 2004 involving the upgrading of an old plastic push-button telphone to the cellular age (see below).

Tristan Perich - Portable Telephone
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Tristan Perich, Portable Telephone
This project is a working cellular push-button telephone.

The phone is an old telephone from my kitchen growing up that I modified into a working cellphone.

The old bell ringer functions. You can talk and listen on the old handset. The phone is dialed with the buttons on its front. And it can be recharged via a power cord spliced into the phone jack at the back.

No text messaging, phone book, or camera phone junk. Smile.
Casey Spooner, Portable Telephone
Warren Fischer, Portable Telephone
Above: Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer with Portable Telephone.
Portable Telephone
Portable Telephone
Portable Telephone
The process involved ripping apart a cellphone (3 to get it right) and wiring corresponding parts between my cell phone and the disemboweled landline phone.

The vibrating motor that usually makes the cell phone quietly remind you of calls is used to excite the old fashioned bell ringer now, which is quite loud.

To charge the phone, I spliced the cell phone charger and adapted it to fit the standard phone jack on the back of the phone, so it doesn't ever need to be opened.

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Tristan Perich, Portable Telephone
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